What COVID- 19 means for you and your horse

Posted on: Mar 20th, 20
While it is still too early to fully understand the impact of COVID-19, our number-one priority is to support the health and safety of our employees and their families while continuing to provide routine appointments, emergency, and continuous in hospital care for all of our patients. With recent events surrounding COVID-19 in Florida, this commitment will not change. If you have an appointment scheduled and find yourself feeling under the weather, we have skilled assistants with us at all times so will be able to conduct appointments even if you are not able to physically be there. In that event, we will be happy to keep you as present as we can via phone.

Equine Microchip Facts

Posted on: Feb 13th, 20
What you should know about equine microchips.
Microchip flyer.pdf - 175.82 kB

Building Blocks

Posted on: Jun 10th, 19
Build a solid foundation for a winning equine conditioning
program by selecting the right genetics, conformation
and nutrition.
BHN BuildingBlocks.pdf - 1.10 MB

Colic Concerns

Posted on: Jan 16th, 19
What to expect when your horse needs colic surgery.
Colic1.pdf - 1.24 MB

Hurricane Preparation Tips for Horse Owners

Posted on: Oct 8th, 18
Should you go or should you stay? Whenever circular cloud
patterns start generating hurricane force winds along the Gulf
and Eastern shores of the United States, horse and livestock
owners are faced with deciding whether to ride out the storm
in place or load their animals, gear, and assorted supplies and
travel inland, away from the dangers of the storm.


Posted on: Sep 28th, 18
Clostridial myonecrosis is a rapidly progressive necrosis of muscle. Clostridial refers to bacteria from the genus Clostridium. Myonecrosis refers to death of living muscle tissue.

Hoof Abscesses

Posted on: Sep 6th, 18
Hoof abscesses occur when bacteria get trapped between the sensitive laminae (the tissue layer that bonds the hoof capsule to the coffin bone) and the hoof wall or sole. The bacteria create exudate (pus), which builds up and creates pressure behind the hoof wall or sole.

Understanding the Prepurchase Exam

Posted on: May 24th, 18
The search is over: You've finally found the horse of your dreams. But before you sign the sales contract and load him onto the first trailer headed home, protect yourself with a prepurchase exam.

10 Most Poisonous Plants for Horses

Posted on: May 14th, 18
Of the hundreds of toxic plants in North America, only a handful are likely to bring serious harm to horses. Here are the ones most dangerous to horses in the United States.

Navicular Issues

Posted on: Sep 29th, 15
The latest news on Navicular Issues by Dr. Patrick First
RG27 Navicular.pdf - 217.97 kB

Respiratory Diseases

Posted on: Sep 29th, 15
Diagnosing, treating, & preventing common respiratory diseases, click here to read
RG25 Respiratory Diseases.pdf - 2.17 MB

The Ties That Bind

Posted on: May 1st, 15
Tendons connect muscle to bone, while ligaments connect bone to bone. Click the article below to learn more about tendon and ligament injuries and why, if not treated quickly and aggressively, they can end an athletes career. Read Dr. Fisch's article in the Barrel Horse News
YHH.pdf - 371.82 kB

Just Breathe

Posted on: Mar 1st, 15
Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of common respiratory diseases.
Click on the article below by Dr. Fisch, written for Barrel Horse News
YHH_March2015 BHN.pdf - 354.13 kB

Newborn Know How

Posted on: Feb 1st, 15
Care of the newborn foal from conception to weaning.
Click on the article below to read Dr. Fisch's article in Barrel Horse News
Newborn Knowhow_Feb2015 BHN.pdf - 519.11 kB

Care of the Newborn Foal

Posted on: Jan 29th, 15
Dr. Fisch writes about caring for the newest member of your horse family
Ask the Vet 2015 02 Care of the New Born Foal.pdf - 3.46 MB

Genetic Testing

Posted on: Jan 1st, 15
What does genetic testing mean for the stallion owner and breeder?
Click the article below to read Dr. Fisch's article for Barrel Horse News
Genetic Testing_Jan2015 BHN.pdf - 309.00 kB

Monday Morning Sickness

Posted on: Jan 29th, 14
This is the second part of a 2 part series on Monday Morning Sickness
Ask the Vet 2014 02_1.pdf - 805.20 kB

Monday Morning Sickness

Posted on: Jan 29th, 14
This is the first of a 2-part series about Monday Morning Sickness, also know as tying up.
Ask the Vet 2014 01.pdf - 1.16 MB

Breeding Soundess

Posted on: Dec 19th, 13
AQHA Journal asked Dr. Fisch to talk about Breeding Soundness
RG38 Breeding Soundness Exams.pdf - 2.01 MB

Getting Your Horse Ready For Winter

Posted on: Nov 29th, 13
Dr. Fisch wants you and your horse to be ready for winter....
Ask the Vet 2013 11.pdf - 1.04 MB

Raising Healthy Foals

Posted on: Aug 28th, 13
Readers ask Dr. Steve Fisch how to raise healthy foals
Ask the Vet 2013 09 reduced size.pdf - 626.84 kB

Methods and Effects of Weaning

Posted on: Aug 28th, 13
Questions about weaning? read Dr. Steve Fisch's article
Ask the Vet 2013 08 Weaning Methods and Effects reduced size.pdf - 617.07 kB

Foal Septicemia

Posted on: May 30th, 13
Foal Septicemia can be a deadly and costly disease, read more...
Ask the Vet 2013 05b.pdf - 674.25 kB

Proper Broodmare Vaccination Schedule

Posted on: Apr 29th, 13
Want to know what the best vaccination schedule is for your broodmare? Read Dr. Steve Fisch article
Ask the Vet 2013 04.pdf - 1.46 MB


Posted on: Oct 1st, 12
Colic: A Disease that has many faces. Read how one barrel horse is getting back to work after colic surgery
Colic 2012 10.pdf - 1.23 MB

How to Choose a Sale Yearling

Posted on: Sep 28th, 12
Read about successful yearling purchases. Streakin Six Cartel is an example in the article of a very successful yearling on the pdf to read the entire article
yearlings.pdf - 1.36 MB

A Superb Article on our own Dr. Fisch

Posted on: Sep 27th, 12
Speedhorse Magazine wrote a very nice article about the influence Dr. Steve Fisch has had on the Quarter Horse Racing industry.
avsequine.pdf - 1.59 MB

Tendon Troubles

Posted on: Mar 1st, 12
Preventing and treating tendon and ligament injuries, by Dr. Steve Fisch...
G13 Tendon Troubles Ligament Losses.pdf - 1.58 MB

Feeding To Prevent Injuries

Posted on: Feb 14th, 12
Dr. Gary Potter explains the science behind using nutrition to prevent injuries in racehorses...
FeedingToPreventInjuries.pdf - 918.34 kB

Preparation for Foaling

Posted on: Jan 17th, 12
Dr. Fisch explains how to prepare for your new foal. Click to read article...
Preparation for foaling.pdf - 1.98 MB

Stomach Ulcers

Posted on: Nov 15th, 11
What are they and how do they affect performance? Read Dr. Fisch's article published in the AQHA Journal.
RG4 Ulcers.pdf - 1.47 MB

Hoof Balancing

Posted on: Sep 26th, 11
Just like the tires on your car, it is important that your horse's hooves are "in balance". Read the complete article...
Equine Hoof Balancing WEB.PDF - 823.41 kB

Balanced Joint Health Part 2

Posted on: Sep 22nd, 11
Learn more about joint injections in the equine athlete. This is part 2 of a series by Dr. Fisch published in the AQHA Journal. Click here to read more......
RG3 Joint Injections Part 2.pdf - 1.55 MB

Balanced Joint Health

Posted on: Aug 2nd, 11
Learn more about joint injections in the equine athlete. This is part 1 of a series by Dr. Fisch published in the AQHA Journal. Click here to read more......
G33 Joint Injections.pdf - 1.74 MB

Recurrent Airway Obstruction

Posted on: Jul 22nd, 11
Recurrent Airway Obstruction, also know as heaves, read all aobut this condition........
Recurrent Airway Obstruction WEB.PDF - 348.13 kB

Heat Stress

Posted on: Jun 27th, 11
Dr. Fisch explains what you need to know before, during and after heat stress.....
RecognitionPrevention and Treatment of Heat Stress in Horses WEB.PDF - 343.48 kB

Equine Health Alert from AAEP!

Posted on: May 18th, 11
Please Read, this is an important health alert sent out by AAEP!

Dr. Fisch Elected to the AQHA National Board of Directors

Posted on: Mar 18th, 11
In March 2011, Dr. Fisch was elected to the AQHA National Board of Directors..............

Care of the New Born Foal

Posted on: Mar 14th, 11
With a newborn, care in a timely manner is critical........

Breeding The Foal Heat Mare

Posted on: Feb 21st, 11
Getting your mare in foal on foal heat starts way before the foal is born, click on the pdf for the rest of the story............
Breeding the Foal Heat Mare WEB.PDF - 345.09 kB

2010 Gordon Crone Award

Posted on: Nov 23rd, 10
For spearheading the efforts to return of American Quarter Horse racing to Florida with the debut of the sport at Hialeah Park, Dr. Steve Fisch was presented the Gordon Crone Special Achievement Award.

Dr. Fisch & FIRST DOWN STRAW featured in AQHA Journal

Posted on: Feb 6th, 09
Read about Dr. Fisch's prescription to Breed for Speed
Click here to view the article.

Is it safe to leave your horse in a trailer?

Posted on: Feb 4th, 09
Click to read about a horse that decided to get out of the trailer and thought the closed window was its best option.
trailer.pdf - 91.48 kB

Why was Zasha's hock swollen?

Posted on: Feb 4th, 09
Read about Zasha's OCD diagnosis and surgery. Can big and beautiful predispose your horse to OCD?
Zasha.pdf - 107.81 kB

Poco had persistant parents that fought to save his eye!

Posted on: Feb 4th, 09
Read how one families determination helped save their family friend's eye from being removed.
Poco.pdf - 294.99 kB

Ryan had trouble getting a diagnosis for his best friend until he came the AVSE!

Posted on: Feb 4th, 09
Ryan had taken his best friend to several veterinarians over the coarse of a few months, but still Valentino was having trouble. Once at AVSE his skull xrays revealed a mass in the maxillary sinus above where two teeth had been removed. The mass was an encapsulated abscess and would require surgery to be removed.
ryan.pdf - 109.03 kB

Diamond - Dr. Joe said, "We have a fighter"

Posted on: Feb 4th, 09
Sometimes medical treatment for colic is not enough and surgery is needed to save the horses life. To read Diamond's story click below.
Diamond.pdf - 133.42 kB

How some colic's can go from seemingly minor to emergency in a few hours!

Posted on: Feb 4th, 09
Mary Lee had a very careful trainer that sent her to the hospital at her first signs of colic. That small decision turned out to be critical when her condition changed drastically within a few hours and she was sent to surgery. Read about Mary Lee below.
Marylee.pdf - 95.87 kB

Not all of our client are "large" animals!

Posted on: Feb 4th, 09
This is a story of one very small stallion's battle with colic. Cracker Jack is also an example of why some colics are not surgical.
crackerjack.pdf - 96.79 kB

A 6 month old miniature horse undergoes colic surgery.

Posted on: Feb 4th, 09
Aprils Foolish Dancer had a big heart inside her very little body. Read about this this young mini's successful colic surgey!
Aprilsfoolishdancer.pdf - 153.39 kB