9085 Magnolia Hill Drive, Tallahassee, Florida

Reproductive Center

Our doctors have a special interest in reproductive medicine.

They offer a full-range of stallion services including: fertility examinations, semen collection and shipping, stallion management and syndication, & hypothetical mating consultation. If your stallion is not blessed with high sperm count, motility, or other fertility problems; our doctors may be able to help ensure you have a successful breeding season with happy pregnant mare owners.

Your broodmares will be in excellent hands in our hospital. We have large 20x15 foaling stalls and the mares are monitored 24/7/365 by our on-site staff and foal alert system that notifies us when the labor process begins. One of our doctors is present to assist every foal that is born in our hospital and will stay until the baby stands and nurses and the mare passes her placenta. Mares brought to the hospital will receive a breeding soundness exam and their estrus cycle is monitored closely with ultrasound to insure that they are inseminated at the optimum time. We offer advanced techniques such as embryo transfer and our doctors have great success with hard to get in foal mares.